The Northern Territory Alcohol Harm Minimisation Action Plan 2018-19

The Action Plan sets out the policy and legislative reforms, enforcement and compliance activities and harm management strategies/services that the NT Government is committed to delivering, in order to prevent and reduce harms associated with alcohol misuse.

The aim of the Action Plan is simple - to significantly reduce alcohol-related harms for Territorians.

To bring about real change and improvement, governments, business and the community need to work together. Everyone has a role in reducing the harms association with the misuse of alcohol in the Territory.

The Action Plan comprises four key areas:

  1. Strengthening Community Responses – Healthy Communities and Effective and Accessible Treatment
  2. Effective Liquor Regulation
  3. Research, Data and Evaluation
  4. Comprehensive, Collaborative and Coordinated Approach by Government

The Action Plan provides a framework for government agencies to continue inter-agency collaboration to bring about a positive impact in minimising alcohol-related harm.

The NT Government Response to the Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review Final Report aligns with the NT Government priority of Safe and Vibrant Communities.