Liquor Bill 2019

The Northern Territory Government is committed to modernising the Liquor Act 1978 in response to the 2017 Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review Final Report (the Riley Review).

On 15 May 2019 the Liquor Bill 2019 was introduced into the Northern Territory Parliament.

To view a copy of the bill go here; Liquor Bill 2019.

The Bill was submitted to the Economic Policy Scrutiny Committee for review as part of parliamentary process.

For further information about the Economic Policy Scrutiny Committee, please visit

The following additional documents are provided to help identify the changes from the Exposure Draft Bill to the current Bill:

Since February 2018, Government has worked with industry and relevant stakeholders to rewrite the Liquor Act 1978 to meet community expectations, give NT regulatory bodies substantive, flexible and sensible powers, provide businesses and community groups with regulatory certainty, and achieve long term benefits for the Northern Territory.

In April 2019 the Exposure Draft of the Liquor Bill 2019 was released for consultation and public comment, with over 100 people attending public forums held across the Territory.

The Alcohol Review Implementation Team also conducted face-to-face briefings, and over 20 formal submissions were received from industry, health and relevant stakeholders.


To read the submissions click on the links below:

Please note that some submissions have been withheld from publication as per the organisation or the individual’s request.

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