Alcohol-related and alcohol-induced deaths

Alcohol-related deaths: NT and Australia

Alcohol-induced deaths: NT and Australia


  1. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, customised report, 2018.
  2. All causes of death data from 2006 onward are subject to a revisions process - once data for a reference year are 'final', they are no longer revised.  In this chart, 2008-2015 are final, 2016 revised and 2017 preliminary.
  3. Alcohol-induced deaths are those deaths which are directly attributed to alcohol. Deaths which are certified as being directly attributable to alcohol are coded as the undying cause of death (the condition which initiated the train of morbid events) e.g. alcoholic liver disease. When deaths directly attributable to alcohol (alcohol-induced) and deaths where alcohol were listed as an associated cause of death are considered together, they are referred to as "alcohol-related deaths". e.g. a death due to a motor vehicle accident where a person recorded a high blood alcohol concentration as measured in toxicology.  Further detail can be found in: Deaths due to harmful alcohol consumption in Australia
  4. The full list of ICD codes used in the tabulation of Alcohol-induced deaths can be found in: Appendix 2 Tabulation of selected causes of death.
  5. The direct age-standardisation method is used for calculating rates.  An outline of this method can be found in: Explanatory Notes - notes 44-47.